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SUPX is a river sprint that includes at least four athletes racing at the same time.

Each competitor must navigate the currents and Class II or III white water, while executing 180 and 360 degree turns and technical manoeuvres.and as Johnie Gall of GrindTV says: “Here’s where it get good…

“The race follows an ‘every man/woman for themselves’ format, resulting in a high-octane battle royale that plays out between the river banks.

“The short and technical course quickly descends into chaos, a full-contact match where players barrel into each other, fall off their boards and ultimately emerge belly laughing – podium placement or not.”

The day kicks off with athletes being ranked by Time Trials who then compete in heats of 4 competitors, who battle it out through the rapids, gates and target taps to advance to the next round.

The top two will move on until only four are left to compete in the grand finale.

SUPX tournaments can accommodate as many athletes that can fit into the Time Trial period but only 16 athletes can progress to the quarter, semi and grand finale.

Athletes can have a maximum of two attempts at the Time Trial if time and course availability permits. The best time is ranked.

This competition will be based on the number of entries. So, don’t miss out. Enter below today for £10.

Event taking place Sunday 2nd June at 12pm.
  • 10:30am-11.30am: Registration open
  • 11:30am: Event Info and Safety Briefing
  • 12pm-2pm: On the water and the competition begins

Enter Online Here Now

Please complete the details below. On completion you will be sent to PayPal for £10 payment.

All participants must have:

  1. experience in the handling of a SUP in white water
  2. The correct use of quick release leash
  3. The ability to self-rescue
  4. Have the appropriate safety kit in good condition eg Buoyancy aid, helmet, quick release leash
  5. Possess an appropriate level of fitness and be able to swim to safety confidently in white water


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